Gardening Fun in August

Gardeners may feel a little down as July turns into August.  Plants may look a little tired from the heat of July. For many, the summer days are rapidly turning into school days.  Don't despair! There's gardening fun in August.

It's Not Just Maintenance

Many gardeners may view August as a maintenance month because it's when they

  • deadhead perennials and annuals
  • remove worn-out annuals and vegetables
  • stake tall plants before they flop over

But deadheading means more blooms in the fall.  Removing worn out plants can make room for fall-friendly flowers and vegetables. (If you haven't started seedlings, do it in August for late fall vegetables.)  Staking plants like hollyhocks ensures visible color in a late fall garden.

It's Planning Ahead

August is the time to start planning.

  • Pest.  Watch for pests that may hibernate around your plants and trees. Check out your lawn and vegetable garden as well.  Taking care of pests now means fewer pests in the spring.
  • Propagate.  August is an excellent time to divide perennials, take cuttings, or collect seeds.  You can expand your garden or trade with family and friends.
  • Patch.  Seed areas of your lawn that didn't survive the summer heat.  Keep them well watered until the grass starts to grow, but hold off on fertilizing until the weather cools.
  • Prune.  Some plants like raspberry and blackberry bushes can be pruned in preparation for next year.
  • Plant.  Think about spring bulbs and order early.  August is a good time to prepare houseplants for the move indoors if they have been summering outside. Help houseplants adjust to lower light levels by placing them in the shade and check for pests before you bring them indoors.

Maybe It's a Little Maintenance

Maintenance is a part of gardening no matter the time of year.  August is a good time to do some necessary upkeep.

  • Continue to water plants, but be careful not to overwater.  You don't want end rot on your tomatoes. For new plantings, make sure the water is reaching their root system.
  • Keep up with your weeding, so your fall garden isn't taken over by weeds.
  • Check plants, especially roses, for black spot and other fungal diseases. 

No matter how you view gardening in August, contact us for your gardening supplies.

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